We stream three times a week (sometimes more!) with a dual broadcast to Twitch and YouTube.

Check out the streaming times below to join us live! Join in on the conversations, let us know what games you want us to play, and sometimes be part of our live contests and giveaways! Be sure to subscribe to us on either Twitch or YouTube to be alerted whenever we go live. 

You can catch our Video Game Correspondent Patrick Kuczynski streaming Thursday evenings, for Throwback Thursday, and Saturday evenings, for Saturday Social!

Join Ricky and Cole as they blaze through tough games every Monday night at 7:30pm. Can they defeat the challenges put forth by their (fake) captor and defeat these difficult games?! Or will they fail and have to face the consequences?

Check out the lovely and hilarious Rosita Sparkles and Ethan Starr stream live, Monday nights at 10pm on Glitzy Gamers! Right after Hostage Situation. They'll play cooperative games, where you can often join in and play with us!

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