Show Segments

Here we will describe all of the lovely show segments you will hear on different episodes of A Play On Nerds. Some live only for one episode, some will stand the test of time. Let us know which segments you like best! Email us at or simply post on our Facebook page or tweet to us on Twitter!



Black Hole Trivia

Steve and Jarman sure are nerds, but they are pretty geeky about different things. In this completely counter-intuitive segment, Steve and Jarman quiz each other on their own area of expertise, where the person trying to answer the questions has a "black hole" of knowledge in that area. You try to figure it out and listen in to see if your black holes are smaller than ours. No, that's not an innuendo. 


Brooklyn Band or Smut Search?

On one fateful day in 2014, Steve discovered a website called PornMd, where you can see what other users are searching for in their daily pursuit of porn! Just what you've always wanted right? Well Steve noticed that some of those searches sound eerily familiar to Brooklyn indie band names. So now he poses the question to Jarman and to the audience, is the following a Brooklyn Indie Band Name, or is it a Smut Search?! Listen to an episode to find out! 


Cat Commiseration

For this segment, Steve and Jarman discuss the misadventures of living with a cat or multiple cats. It's a dark and perilous world out there for cat owners. Those of you who share this burden will understand. Also, the internet apparently loves cats. That's a fact.


Copy Cat Cinema

In our Copy Cat Cinema feature we compare two similar films that were released to the world around the same time. Usually one film was made solely to steal the thunder from the other film. Picture some studio exec hearing, "Oh... they're makin' a movie about dyslexic dinosaurs? We'll make one too! But we'll get Christopher Walken and we'll release it a week earlier! That'll teach 'em!" Once the movies are chosen, Steve and Jarman pick a side, and defend their masterpiece of cinema to the death!!! Even if they hate it too...

Movies already covered:

 Gremlins VS Critters

The Cave VS The Descent

Mirror Mirror VS Snow White and the Huntsman

Armageddon VS Deep Impact

Double Dragon VS Street Fighter


Dead Hands

Do you like the Muppets? Well Steve REALLY likes the Muppets, and all things Henson. That's exactly why he wants to play this overly-depressing game with you! Steve names the Henson puppeteer, and Jarman and the audience have to guess if their still alive, or really have some... DEAD HANDS.


Hypothetical Hubub

This is where we pull from the depraved mind of Chuck Klosterman and others, to give each other some very convoluted hypothetical situations. Such setups as: If you knew beyond a doubt that if you punched your best friend in the face as hard as you could right now, you would save his life, but the only condition is, you could never tell him why you did it. If you ever told him, he would then immediately die. Would you do it? Hopefully you answer is yes, but... is there more to it? Find out with Hypothetical Hubub!


Movie Trailer Reviews

At the end of each episode, we pick out 3 movie trailers that we found from the past week that (usually) showcase something in the arena of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Horror. We preview these upcoming movies and try to speculate on their worth superficially. That's totally legitimate right?


Name That Grossly-Gluttural-Nearly-Overused-Slightly-Ambiguous-Roaring –Sound!!!!

What's that sound?! That's what Steve has to try to figure out when Jarman plays strange noises from some of the most popular monsters, demons, dragons, oversized lizards, and reanimated dead, and Steve has to...Name That Grossly-Gluttural-Nearly-Overused-Slightly-Ambiguous-Roaring –Sound!!!!


Nerdy News

This topic name pretty much spocks... I mean speaks for itself. (I AM SO FUNNY!) Each episode we bring you one particular news story that we found interesting this week, anywhere from geek culture to cutting edge science. Whatever it is, it will be something you nerds will want to know about!


Preternatural Penetration

In this punny segment, Jarman plays the Mulder to Steve's Scully, in that Jarman presents some of the most compelling cases in from the archives of the paranormal, and Steve tries to "penetrate" them with his keen eye of skepticism. Be scared, intrigued, doubtful, but mostly just laugh.


What's the Deal With Star Trek?

You know who doesn't know a lot about Star Trek? Steve and his wife! In this segment, Steve either mines from the caverns of his own brain, or pulls questions from the superior intellect of his better half, to ask Jarman about different aspects of the Star Trek universe. Mostly just asking, "What's the Deal With Star Trek?"