Supernatural - "Tombstone" - Season 13 Episode 6 Recap and Review

Written by Kaylynn Kasandra

This week’s episode had just the right amount of cheesy humor, which is one of my favorite things about this show. I was way too excited to see the reunion between the guys and Castiel, since that was where last week left off. I was expecting a bit more of a fuss, so it made me chuckle when Dean left it simple with, “Welcome back Pal.” But he certainly didn’t hide how happy he was. I must say, Jack caught up fast. He already knows how to search for cases, even if he may not quite understand all the monsters quite yet. It was nice to see him seemingly part of the crew now. It was quite amusing to see him pitch his ideas to the guys, even if it was off. But, I have to say it was more amusing to see how excited Dean was about the idea of the case being in Dodge City. Seeing the guys in full Western gear was pretty funny, I can’t lie. Dean’s appreciation for all things Western definitely payed off. It’s because of him they were able to identify the ghoul as taking form of an old cowboy, Dave Mather.

Jack luckily had been paying attention when they were questioning the town undertaker, and noticed the ghoul is her boyfriend. Smart move on the ghoul's part to pick an undertaker as a live-in girlfriend. Easy access to bodies that’s for sure. Unfortunately for Dave, he killed the wrong deputy once he knew they were closing in. The deputy was the sergeant's nephew and he wasn’t leaving the death of his nephew alone.

What I thought was going to be a very lighthearted episode quickly changed moods. Jack once again lost control of his power. Trying to protect the guys from Dave, he pushed a little too hard and ended up killing a security guard in the process. Jack, being just as emo as Sam obviously takes it hard. Way harder than we could have expected. Dean tells Cas and Sam to take Jack back home and that he’d finish up. Which, I must say he did pretty flawlessly. Joining forces with the sergeant, they track Dave down. Though Dave isn’t far behind them and ends up stealing Dean’s back up, literally. It was pretty funny watching Dean’s reluctance to follow the sergeant's path through the ghoul’s tunnel. You can’t blame him either because that seemed to be exactly what he wanted. When Dean got to the end of the tunnel he saw it led back to the morgue where Athena and the sergeant are waiting like sitting ducks.

After releasing Athena and turning to assess the sergeant, Dean was cornered, weaponless by ghoulish Dave. Luckily for Dean he was blocking Dave’s view of the sergeant who had his weapon ready. Just when the ghoul thought he was going to win, Dean steps aside like a boss allowing the sergeant to get his revenge. You really can’t expect any less from Dean. He knows what it feels like to want to get revenge on someone or something that has killed someone he loves. This sergeant seemed pretty mellow though. He didn’t seem to want to question anything and took Dean’s suggested cover story. It was sweet that Dean made sure the ghoul would take the wrap for the guy Jack accidentally killed.

Sadly, it wouldn’t help. Nothing would. Even Castiel’s pep talk didn’t help Jack feel better. Jack being the ever-emotional half angel he is decides everyone would be better off without him. In what I am sure he thought was a selfless act he knocks everyone out cold and takes off. What a lovely welcome home from Castiel, eh? Like he hasn’t dealt with enough drama between his own emotional turmoil and from the Winchesters, now Cas will have to take on Jack’s too. It should be interesting to see how this plays out. I mean, Jack basically still knows nothing about the world other than what he’s observed from the guys. Now he’s going out into a world where everyone of supernatural pull wants him for themselves. This will get very messy.

Written by Kaylynn Kasandra. Awkward hippie who enjoys helping people, creating things, reading, sci-fi, fantasy, and Thor. Find more from her at and

Star Trek: Discovery - "Into the Forest I Go" - Season 1 Episode 9 Review

By Jarman Day-Bohn

Last night's mid-season finale (is anyone else besides me frustrated by this new trend of mid-season finales?) of Star Trek: Discovery, "Into the Forest I Go," was a very fulfilling action-thrill ride; reminiscent of some of the best space battle episodes of Deep Space Nine back in the day. Spoilers ahead!! .....

Before I say ANYTHING else about the episode, I would be remiss if I did not mention 2 of the HUGE firsts we encountered on this episode:

  • The first kiss on screen between two men in Star Trek
  • The first onscreen appearance of nude Klingon BOOBS!

Source: CBS

Ok maybe the second one is just my inner 12-year-old coming out, (but it still did happen, and my mind is scarred for life) but the first "first" was incredibly significant. Especially since it was done so well. And by "it" I mean the whole relationship with Stamets and Culber was built up beautifully over the previous eight episodes, and this quick kiss was meaningful and touching and heart-wrenching because there was a very real possibility that Stamets would not make it out of the spore drive alive. Outside of the story within the episode, on the more meta side of things Stamets and Culber's relationship and representation of two gay men on screen means so much to those in the LGBT community who have never seen their lives reflected properly in Star Trek until this point. (The brief encounters Riker has with an androgynous alien in TNG and Dax's kiss with another Trill who is currently in a female body but used to be a male on DS9 were great, and in the right direction of progress, but the Culber/Stamets relationship really breaks that glass ceiling.) My point is, if their relationship was not done well, and felt forced for the point of progressiveness on a TV show, I still would have been all for it, but it would have given the mouth-breathing haters of the world something more to rail about. I'm sure they will still be all up and arms about having LGBT representation on Star Trek, but they will seem all the dumber for it since it was also done so well, and not forced at all.

Now, back to the rest of the episode...

Source: CBS

People may dis the spore drive and think it's a bit too much technobabble and that it takes up too much of the plot arc of the show, but this episode used it beautifully. When the Discovery was twirling and jumping all around the Klingon ship, shooting it over and over again, blasting in and out of existence, I was nearly cheering and jumping out of my seat. Frankly, it was badass. 

Meanwhile the scenes with the away mission team of Michael and Ash infiltrating the ship were thrilling as well. I was so happy to see Admiral Cornwell alive! I didn't think she was dead initially, but after seeing her talk on the CBS/Star Trek: Discovery after show "After Trek" last week, it made it seem like she was gone for good. She's an awesome character so far, and I can't wait to see what she has in store for Captain Lorca, since she was about to report to Starfleet that he is unfit to command. The last few scenes with him you can tell that he is shaking in his Starfleet issued boots.

Source: CBS

Ash Tyler has a bout of PTSD from his torture session with L'Rell. I'm still in the camp that Ash Tyler is actually Voq (our old friend, the albino Klingon) - Either genetically altered or his consciousness moved into a human body. But this episode leads me to believe that he is a sleeper agent. He doesn't know that he is Voq, until L'Rell or someone else says the code word to awaken his memory. This is evidenced by his genuine anguish and trauma from the memories he has of his torture. I believe that these torturous memories are actually screen memories of his painful surgery to turn him from Klingon to human, but I could be way off with that one. Nothing wrong with a little WILD speculation! Then we also have the scene with L'Rell in the cell at the end of the episode, where Ash Tyler kneels before her in emotional anguish and she says, "I'll never let any of them harm you." It's gotta be Voq!

Nearly everyone in the group I was watching the episode with were expressing their exasperation over the continuous subtitles and gutteral Klingon language. And right as our frustrations with it reached an all time high, Michael finally starts to use the universal translator with them! FINALLY! Hopefully they will use this as an excuse to have the damn Klingons speak English from now on. I thought the transition from them speaking Klingon to English was done very well on screen.

Source: CBS

Then we have the climactic, cliff-hanger ending of our crew and the Discovery being transported to what seems to be an alternate universe, with Stamets a mumbling pile on the ground, with white eyes, talking about how he can see "everything." Are they in the mirror universe? Will that create mass hysteria among rabid Trek fans? Well....we'll have to wait until JANUARY to find out. 

Let us know in the comments if you think you have any idea where the hell this show is going to go in the future. Is Ash Tyler really Harry Mudd? Is Captain Lorca really an Orion Slave Girl?!! 

Supernatural - "Advanced Technology" - Season 13 Episode 5 Recap and Review

By Kaylynn Kasandra

It seems as though the trend of this season is to dribble a few fluffy cases into the episodes as background to the real issues. Which to be honest, make sense. It would get a little redundant to constantly have crazy action or emo Dean and Sam. So, I won’t even hate on that part. I just wish the cases were a little more attention grabbing. For some reason in this episode I felt like it was stale. Another ghost case involving some old guy, (in this case an old doctor from the time of the plague) and not really anytime to feel connected to those involved in the case. Thus explaining why I didn’t really seem to want to pay much mind to the case itself.

Source: The CW

Honestly, I was waiting for the return of Castiel. I was hoping it would happen early on in the episode, but of course, it didn’t. But, that being said, we did get what we needed from this episode regardless. We see the dynamic between Sam and Dean flipped once again. In the start of the episode Sam is handling Dean like he’s going to break. And, I can’t blame him, because he did appear as though he might. Unfortunately for Sam, Dean saw right through him and knew he was playing favor to him. I guess offering to go to the strip club and being willing to leave Jack behind was the giveaway.

Source: The CW

Once they were knee deep in trapped ghosts it became abundantly clear that Dean was far more broken than even he may have wanted to admit. After everything they have been through dying and coming to life and breaking cosmic promises, Dean was more than willing to do it all over again. He willingly died once again, and was met by an old foe. Billi, the once reaper, thought dead, is now Death. Snaps. It wasn’t looking too good for Dean given their history. But, despite herself, she needs him.

Dean just as surprisingly needed her too. In more ways than one. It was her pep talk that really opened him up to see his pain for what it was. I can’t be sure that he would have admitted how much he wanted to die otherwise. You could see his desperation and it was such a far cry from what Billi had seen from him in the past. The once fierce and cocky Dean was now sad and weakened. I could tell pretty early on in their conversation she wouldn’t keep him in a state of death, and he’d return to Earth. She knew that he has knowledge she needed, and keeping him alive, she may gain even more insight in the future.

Source: The CW

Its seems like Jack may be a blind spot for Billi. She couldn’t see how they were able to gain access to other dimensions. Hopefully the guys see this as an advantage later on, because if the all seeing Death can’t see it, Lucifer probably can’t either. Speaking of, we still have no answers about Mary and Lucifer and what they’re up to. I have a feeling we may not for awhile either, they really want to drag that out. Time can only tell. I just find it annoying. We get this big cliffhanger with them being approached by the archangel Michael from that dimension, then radio silence. But hey, at least we got to see Castiel return at the end. Seeing Dean’s face was worth wading through the fluff. I can’t wait to see Jack’s reaction to Castiel and vice versa. I hope things pick up a little now that the band is back together.

Written by Kaylynn Kasandra. Awkward hippie who enjoys helping people, creating things, reading, sci-fi, fantasy, and Thor. Find more from her at and