Episode 26 - Jim Henson's Dinosaurs!

Bigfoot, Dinosaurs and Spiders Oh My!!

The wonderful Muppets creator Jim Henson's birthday just passed, so this week's show is all about the show the show he inspired, Dinosaurs! 

We start off with some Nerdy News about terrifying spider-bulldog ant battles and more Bigfoot evidence to piss off Steve. 

Jarman then tests Steve on some unknowingly outdated real life dinosaur trivia. Everyone ends up being confused. 

We then jump into our feature all on the show Dinosaurs, about how it made audiences laugh and sometimes cry, and often made you think. Steve gives us the skinny on some of the behind the scenes details on a show that was very complicated and expensive to make, and truly unique in many ways. Join us on our prehistoric and anachronistic journey!

Steve then throws some Factoid Fumbles Jarman's way, where Jarman has to name some "facts" about random dinosaurs right off the top of his head. They are all, of course, incredibly inaccurate.

Then it's on to Trailer Reviews where we cover Kevin Smith's new dark comedy-horror Tusk, The Honeymoon, starring the "You-know-nothin'-Jon-Snow" Rose Leslie, and then onto the indie-thriller Open Windows, with big-eyed Elijah Wood and former porn star Sasha Grey. 

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