A Play On Nerds - Episode 2

MegaCon Recap, Jury Duty, The Cave Vs. The Descent, and More Star Trek!!!

The pretty faces of The Descent and The Cave

Listen in to A Play On Nerds, Episode 2!!! This week Steve and Jarman talk about some of the strangeness that you can encounter at your local geek convention and the plight of jury duty. Copy Cat cinema returns this week as well where we pit two similar movies released around the same time against each other: The Descent and The Cave! Which creepy, slimy creature feature is the best? Hilarious spoilers abound. We also premiere two new segments, "What's the Deal with Star Trek?" and "Porn Search or Brooklyn Indie Band?" You really just have to listen to understand that last one. Be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes to get more juicy episodes in the future! Check out the band Steve mentions in the podcast at http://www.ladyhammer.com/