A Play On Nerds - Episode 5

Red-haired Sasquatches, Doom Porn, Derpy Cats, Alien Invasions, Unfortunate Smut Searches and more!

Bruce Willis's giant face? Or two faceless people hugging? YOU DECIDE!

This week the resident nerds Jarman and Steve play with some sparkly new segments along with some "old" ones. First we throw you a couple topics from our grab bag of Nerdy News, then we share a bit of Cat Commiseration with you, where we vent about the tortured life that we share with those monsters of cuteness, our cats. Then we delve into Copy Cat Cinema once again with two "disastrous" films, Armageddon and Deep Impact. Which version of the eastern seaboard getting destroyed do you prefer? Find out what we think. Then we get another dose of Brooklyn Indie Band or Smut Search followed by Jarman's Preternatural Penetration (SO DIRTY!) where Steve tries to poke holes in some of Jarman's favorite paranormal cases. The whole episode is topped off with a healthy dose of trailer reviews, including Alien Abduction, Earth to Echo, and Guardians of the Galaxy!

Lil Bub sees what you did there. He does not appreciate your slander.