A Play On Nerds - Episode 7

Tabletop RPGs Mega-Episode! Also, Chili Peppers, Space Microwaves, And Our First Guest! 

Why is it that groups always seem to form in a tavern. Such unruly places.

Ep. 7 starts with some happy news about Steve's hair, and some distubing news involving Jarman and Spiderman's thong.... You have to listen to understand. Nerdy News turns into Steve and Jarman pondering the past and future of the human race. Then we jump into the feature segment where we have our first guest! Mr. Cameron Fischer! He is an author and programmer who also happens to be a very experienced Game Master! (Or DM/GM for short folks....get on the Tabletop RPG train folks... it's leaving the Gnomish station...) We chat him up about everything from what kind of adventuring group works, to what kind of Skills and Feats you should be using as a player, and probably are not! Then stick around for some more awful PornMD smut searches and some lovely trailer reviews. This week: Green Inferno, Anna, and the new Japanese release for the Godzilla trailer.