Episode 22 - Nerd Spotlight No. 1

Meet some fellow nerds as they discuss their geeky passions and talk about what it means to be a nerd, compared to being a geek or a dork!

Steve's out on vacation, so Jarman is flying solo this week. But that's ok! Because Jarman found some nerdy company at a party this past weekend and had some great conversations with some geeky friends. 

Listen in as Jarman interviews The Magical Alex Rapattoni, The Insightful Steven Barnett, The Mysteriously Charming BriPie Thompson and the Enchanting Jessica Horgan. They all provide their unique perspectives on what exactly it means to be a nerd, and how that compares to being a geek or even a dork. They also share with us some of their nerdy passions.

Bold statements are made, hilarity ensues, epiphanies are had. Listen in and enjoy the fun!

Steve returns next week, so come back and see us again for more Nerdy News, ridiculous segments, and of course, unsubstantiated Trailer Reviews!

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