Episode 24 - Orange is the New Black!

Coy wolves are in, Jack the Ripper is out. Orange is the New Black is on FIRE and cigars are smoking up

Orange is the New Black fills up our feature segment this week! But before that we delve into some Nerdy News, discussing post-apocalyptic coy wolves that are "sweeping" the nation, and the possibility that Jack the Ripper may have finally been identified scientifically after all these years. If only we could solve the rest of the millions of unsolved murders that have happened since then...

We then return to Steve's new segment, 5-Minute Connoisseur, where we give you tips on looking like you know what you're doing in certain tasks, in just 5 minutes! (About) This week, Steve talks about the proper way to smoke a cigar. Arnold would be proud.

The we jump into a lively discussion of the hit Netflix TV show, Orange is the New Black. I'm sure you've binged watched it just like we have, but if not, be cautious when listening, as there are some light spoilers for the show in our discussion. We're joined by Jarman's girlfriend Jackie for this discussion to get the much needed woman's point of view on a very female-centered show. Steve even throws in a trivia game at the end!

For Trailer Reviews this week, we check out the bigfoot horror movie Exist, the alien horror movie Extraterrestrial, and the crap your pants horror movie Devoured. Yay horror movies! 

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