Episode 31 - Asst. Prof. Kristin Bezio - Video Game Analysis and Much More!

Interview with Asst. Prof. Kristin Bezio on equal representation in video games, "Gamer Gate" and more! With Nerdy News, Trailer Reviews and a warped game of Would You Rather

In our monster sized 31st episode we speak with Kristin M.S. Bezio, Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies at the Jepson School of Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond in Virginia.  Her background is in technical theater and literature, and her research interests include early modern drama, leadership studies, and game studies. She is the resident contributing games editor for The Learned Fangirl: A Critical Take on Online Culture and Social Media and has written opinion pieces on violence in games and GamerGate for a variety of news outlets, including the Christian Science Monitor and Seattle Times. Recent academic gaming publications include “Maker’s Breath: Religion, Spirituality, and the Godless World of Dragon Age II” in the special issue “Religion and Digital Games” in Online: Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet and “Friends & Rivals: Loyalty, Ethics, and Leadership in Dragon Age II” in Identity and Leadership in Virtual Communities: Establishing Credibility and Influence. Her work explores the intersection of popular media – games, film, television, theater, and literature – and questions of leadership and citizenship in both the early modern and contemporary eras. She currently serves on the board of the Unorthodox Arts Foundation, is a member of Host of Sparrows Aerial Dance, and has worked with the Madison Creative Arts Program, the Actors’ Shakespeare Project, Willing Suspension Productions, and the Virginia Repertory Theatre.

We also cover some Nerdy News with some prehistoric developments about birds and some quantum entangling science news. 

There is a quick yet disturbing game of Would You Rather, followed by Trailer Reviews. This time we cover CinderellaKingsman, and Terminator: Genisys.

Captain Picard/Star Trek remix of Let it Snow by James Covenant on YouTube.


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