Episode 29 - Space! The Nerdy Frontier

The Science of Aliens, Space Profits, Dark Matter and More!

Join us for our nerdy adventure into space! 

We jump into some Nerdy News all about space, with talk of meteoric revelations and comet landings.

Then Jarman quizzes Steve and the audience if they can tell what are real astronomical science terms and which phrases are total BS in Super Real Science or Star Trek Technobabble!

For our space feature we discuss a whole universe of possibilities, from the possibilities of future profits to be found in space, what kind of aliens we may encounter, and the little amount of hard science we have about Dark Matter. A fascinating and hilarious discussion as usual.

Want to lose or gain some weight? Well Steve quizzes Jarman on whether you would weigh less or more on any given planet in our solar system. Now you'll know exactly where you'll head on that first flight away from our planet!

This week in Trailer Reviews we cover Avengers: Age of Ultron, Chappie, and The Imitation Game.


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