Episode 28 - Halloween Megashow!

Halloween memories of parties, costumes, candy, movies, music, TV and more!

Hipster Pumpkin knows other gourds you've probably never heard of...

It's our giant belated Halloween Megashow! Jarman and Steve cover everything Halloween, from our first memories of trick or treating, to our favorite horror movies, we cover it all.

Steve quizzes Jarman on some crazy candy trivia. There is some weird wild stuff out there that you probably never heard of!

Then Jarman plays How Did They Die?! with Steve, where he plays an audio clip of a ridiculous death from a horror movie and Steve has to guess... How Did They Die?! Turns out this is incredibly difficult with just audio.

Then in Trailer Reviews, we cover upcoming horror films, Summer of Blood, Houses that October Built, and VHS: Viral

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