Episode 10 - 2004 Extravaganza

Wardrobe Malfunctions, World of Warcraft, The Dawn of "The" Facebook and Everything Else from 2004

It looks like they are just about to fall asleep in this photo. No big deal, nothing else going on.

On our special 10th episode milestone, Steve and Jarman delve 10 years into the past, talking about everything that was going on in 2004. From movies, TV, inventions, books, music and the big news stories of the time we'll try to remember a little snapshot of what life was like, just 10 years ago.

We transition into another edition of Factoid Fumbles, where Jarman now gives Steve some random persons, places, or things and he has to say one random fact about them. It seems to always get ridiculous.

Then we jump into some modern-day trailer reviews, covering the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer and the upcoming adaptation of The Giver.

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