Episode 11 - X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men Review, Fake Asteroids, Maya's Gone, Crazy Marvel Powers and Sexy Sea Creatures

Artwork by Daniel Shearn

Before we delve into our non-spoiler and spoiler review for X-Men Days of Future Past, we dish some nerdy news, including a comet that will not hit earth, because it doesn't exist, the passing of the lovely Maya Angelou, and the casting of a new Daredevil. 

We also bring back another edition of Name That Power, where we find the strangest, dopiest, most rare, and derpiest Marvel heroes and villains, and one of us has to guess what powers they may have, simply by name alone. 

This week's trailer reviews: Snowpiercer, I'll Follow You Down, and the newly released Edge of Tomorrow trailer.

Little Mermaid parody song used in this weeks episode can be found here:

Naughty Little Mermaid (Little Mermaid Parody) by Epicus


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