Episode 14 - VIDEO GAMES Through Time

From Intellivision to PS4, Chimp Mutations to Smelling Venus, it's a Fun Filled Ridiculous Video Games Episode!

Picture compiled by Reshiramaster on DeviantArt

Nerdy News bursts right out of the gate with Steve pointing out some unique DNA finds in chimp mutations over generations, and Jarman finds out that we now  know what Venus smells like! How Useful!

From there we introduce a new member to the A Play On Nerds family, Patrick! He will be out 'Video Game Expert' from here on out, with his new monthly half-hour podcast, Gaming On A Rupee! He'll be reviewing games you can find for free or very cheap, from your small independent games to your big budget micro transaction games. Let him be your guide to the Steam marketplace so you don't spend your time or money on some serious duds. 

Steve. Jarman and Patrick then reminisce about games of the past, from Atari all the way up to the current gen consoles, as well as old time PC games. Be nostalgic with us as we explore the universe of Video Games Through Time!

We close the show with our weekly Trailer Reviews. This week, Dumb and Dumber To, the weird and possibly wonderful Birdman, and Sin City 2 take the focus.