Episode 13 - Gremlins 2 VS Critters 2!!

Gremlins and Critters bash again in Copy Cat Cinema, big sharks eaten by bigger sharks, and selfies are bad for you!

Fuzzy creatures that will eat your face have never been so funny before. What a weird concept.

After Steve finishes bragging about his lovely week, (lucky guy) we delve into some Nerdy News, involving cannibalistic sharks and an injured Han Solo. On no! We have a new add on to Nerdy News called Bogus Stories, where we give 3 news stories, but one of them is total BS. You'll be surprised which ones are actually true... We live in a strange world.

Next we jump head first into our Copy Cat Cinema, Critters 2 VS Gremlins 2!! We discuss which film featuring furry creatures killing folks is the better film gem. Since Steve is such an expert on Gremlins, you'll want to listen in to some of the weird trivia and behind the scenes knowledge he brings to this episode.

For trailer reviews of the week, we feature AftermathThe Congress, and The Rage with Nicolas Cage! Some real doozeys this week.