Episode 16 - Transformers: Return of the Explosions

Saturn Creating a New Moon? (Not Twilight...) Dawn of the Awesome Planet of the Apes, and TRANSFORMERS!!! ROBOTS IN YOUR FACE!

Welcome back! After our one week hiatus to celebrate Independence Day, Steve's birthday, and Jarman's anniversary with his girlfriend, we're back and better than ever!

This week we jump into some Nerdy News once again, with Saturns rings producing something new and a defense contractor making some real life Transformers?

Keeping with the theme, Steve presents a new game, Recalling Robots, where Jarman (and you, the audience!) has to guess what show or movie different robots came from, by name alone. I'm sure you could find out a lot about that over at the Rusted Robot Podcast!

Then we jump into the feature, explosions first, talking about everything Transformers, from the cartoons and action figures we played with as kids, to the steaming pile of turd that was Age of Extinction. It's definitely a ride.

Jarman then introduces yet another new game, Supercut Showdown, where we take clips from supercuts of famous films, typically montages of people saying the same lines but in different movies, and you have to guess what actor is saying the line and what movie it is from! This week, it's "You've got to be kidding me!" If you don't get it, you'll just have to listen! Thanks to Screen Junkies for this one.

For Trailer Reviews this week we have Dracula: Untold, Zero Theorum and Exodus: Gods and Kings.

Thanks to the classic hair metal band Lion, for the awesome version of the Transformers theme used throughout the show!