Episode 17 - William Shatner's Toupee! Star Trek TOS

Star Trek: The Original Series Episode! Steve knows nothing, like Jon Snow

Yes, this is Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Vulcan. Thanks to D. Beers of Deviant Art for this!

Steve is overworked, but he pushed through the pain to stay loyal to all you listeners out there! 

First we discuss some exciting moon colony news, which Steve quickly ruins with a more disappointing news story in this week's Nerdy News.

Then it's time for Factoid Fumbles once again, and this time around, Jarman truly fumbles his way through. But it's space themed! Because....

Our feature this week is Star Trek The Original Series! This will be a very brief overview of the show and the characters, brimming with inaccuracies and half explanations. Would you expect more from A Play On Nerds?! We discuss the episode Amok Time in particular to show the characters in action.

And now for something completely different! We have another edition of Supercut Showdown! This week Jarman will play clips from tons of different Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and you and Steve have to guess what movie and what character it is! This really shows how ridiculous some of this dialog is.

Then for Trailer Reviews we have Maze Runner, Life After Beth and To Be Takei.