Episode 19 - Tommy Lee Jones Punches a Volcano

Volcano Punching, Movie Insults, On the Stage or Screen? And Apologies to Octomom?!

Tommy Lee Jones is perpetually disappointed in you.

We jumpstart things with some Nerdy News with apologies to a real life Octomom and more holes in the Siberian tundra.

Then we jump into another Supercut Showdown, this time with clips of quotes of movie insults where you and Steve have to guess what movie they come from. 

Then it's Copy Cat Cinema time once again with 1997's Volcano VS Dante's Peak! Jarman desperately tries to defend the steaming turd that is Volcano while Steve enjoys the mediocreness of Dante's Peak. So much lava and magma everywhere! We really made a burning mess of the A Play On Nerds studio this time around.

Then Steve busts out a new segment called That Was A Play? This is where Steve names a movie and we have to decide if it was indeed first a play before it was ever adapted for the screen. There are some surprises here for sure.

In Trailer Reviews, we cover Horns, Housebound, and Septic Man. Apparently we decided to go the decidedly comedic horror route this week!