Episode 18 - Muppets and Magic

Muppet Song Trivia and Copy Cat Cinema Returns with The Prestige and The Illusionist !

Black holes and Dr. Strange are out of control in this week's Nerdy News, and then Steve jumps into more black holes with Blackhole Trivia, where Jarman has to answer trivia questions based on something he has a "black hole" of knowledge in. This time around, it's Muppets music! We'll see if Jarman can name where each of the songs are from, and we even have one for you, the listener, to answer, for a prize! (TBD...) 

Then Copy Cat Cinema returns with The Illusionist and The Prestige, two very similar movies that both came out in 2006 that we will review and revile. Full of Christian Bale crazies.

Somehow, Nicolas Cage gets mentioned 3 times in this podcast. Crazy.

For Trailer Reviews we cover Gone GirlVideo Games: The Movie, and The Death of Superman Lives. Check it out!