Episode 12 - BuffyPalooza!

Huge Buffy The Vampire Discussion, Space is Very Old and Jared Leto Sucks!

Just look at them. Aren't they nerdtacularly adorable? Oh the 90s.

We start of with some Nerdy News of the cosmic kind, along with some confirmed and not-so-confirmed Marvel movie casting news. Listen to find out! 

Then Jarman hits Steve with some Hypothetical Hubub, where he throws some crazy hypothetical situations at Steve and he has to think on his feet as to how he would react to them. (Courtesy of author Chuck Klosterman and his "Hypertheticals")

Then on to the big feature, where we talk about our love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! We discuss some of the series highs and lows, talking about the very first episode, Steve's favorite episode "The Wish" and Jarman's favorite, the infamous musical episode Once More With Feeling. We both love Buffy, and this short amount of time barely scratches the surface of all there is to talk about for it, but we give it our best shot. Surely we'll discuss Buffy more in the future, along with the Angel spinoff!

Courtesy Arthelius

Steve then presents Jarman with a very special edition of Brooklyn Band or Smut Search? where we have to decide if the name he gives us is the search someone actually made on PornMD.com or if it is actually a Brooklyn band name. He throws in a little funny twist to make things more interesting for this go around. 

Finally, in Trailer Reviews this week, we cover Christopher Nolan's upcoming Interstellar and Disney Animation's Big Hero 6. It's an overstuffed episode!

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